Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Sweet Schenectady

Do you remember who you were?

I don't know if I do.

This past week my boy Mark got married.  Going home for his wedding was like walking back 10 years.

First I spent time with my family especially my sisters and my brother. It was awesome. We're all so different, but I can see myself in different parts of them, and love them so much.

Next I got to spend time with all the people I was in youth group with. It was special. We all live all over the country and haven't been back together as a group.

These people are so much of who I am. We came to know Christ together, we fought battles together, and know each others faults and know each others greatness.   There is something refreshing to being around people who know both sides. We are indebted to one another so we don't sugar coat  it we don't try to be something, we just are. We are Schenectady and the rest of the world has to deal with it.

Speaking of Schenectady, I was able to spend my last few hours with my best friends.  They are a part of everything with youth group and much more.  They really are my heart.

I couldn't see everyone while I was home, but I did see myself.

So as I start a new chapter God gave me a glimpse of who I really am, and what I have to give. Schenectady